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Venue and Dates - Arrival in Brussels and local transportation

Arrival in Brussels and local transportation

There is a direct rail link with Brussels' main railway stations (Brussels Nord, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi). You can take any train to Brussels from level -1 at the airport. The train ride takes twenty minutes. Brussels Central is connected to the underground railway network and is within walking distance of most of the hotels. You can buy tickets for the train at the ticket desk or one of the grey ticket machines located in the station concourse.

Brussels Midi is Brussels' international railway station. All Thalys (Netherlands, France and Germany), ICE (Germany) and Eurostar (United Kingdom) services to Brussels terminate there. It is possible to reach the conference venue and most of the hotels by underground from Brussels Midi (line 2 or 6 – direction Simonis – Elisabeth, getting off at Louise or Porte de Namur). It is also possible to change to a train to Brussels Central at Brussels Midi. The journey takes five minutes.

Taxis are available outside the arrivals lounge. A taxi ride to central Brussels is expensive.

STIB is the Brussels company responsible for the city's public transport. The conference venue and all the hotels are within walking distance of one another, however. A ticket, which must be purchased in the underground stations, costs EUR 1.70. A five-journey ticket (which may be used by different people) costs EUR 7.30. A ticket entitles the holder to one journey, with changes if necessary, anywhere in the STIB network (underground, tram and bus).

Egmont Palace (access via Passage de Milan) is two minutes' walk away from both the Louise and the Porte de Namur underground stations, which are on lines 2 and 6. From Brussels Central, it is most convenient to travel by underground (line 1 direction Stockel or line 5 direction Hermann-Debroux, changing at Arts-Loi to line 2 or 6, direction Simonis – Leopold II or Roi Baudouin).