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1. The Regular Process and the Ad Hoc Working Group of the Whole of the General Assembly - Annebeth Rosenboom (DOALOS) (Download)

2. Taking forward Global Oceans Assessment I - Alan Simcock (Group of Experts) (Download)

3. Global Reporting and Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment (World Ocean Assessment). Outline of the First Integrated Assessment Report - Peter Harris (Group of Experts) (Download)

4. Method of work and Guidance for authors - Chul Park (Group of Experts) (Download)

5. Information and Assessments from the USA - Jake Rice & Andrew Rosenberg (Group of Experts) (Download)

6. Overview of existing marine assessments in Europe - Frédéric Brochier (UNESCO/IOC Consultant) (Download)

7. Assessments of the marine and coastal environment in the Mediterranean - Michael O. Angelidis (UNEP/MAP) (Download)

8. The Socio Economic Dimension (for Global Reporting and Assessment of the state of the Marine Environment) - Paula A.L.D. Nunes (CIESM) (Download)

9. Activities of HELCOM in assessing the Baltic Sea - Maria Lamaanen (HELCOM) (Download)

10. Quality Status Report 2010 - Stephen Malcolm (Cefas/Defra UK) (Download)

11. What is ICES and what can ICES provide to the UN Regular Process? - Jörn Schmidt (ICES) (Download)

12. Marine Strategy Framework Directive: the initial assessment and its links to the UN Regular Process - David Connor (EC, DG Environment) (Download)

13. Assessing the health of the world's ocean. An Ocean Health Index to assess global marine social-ecological systems - Andrew Rosenberg (Group of Experts) (Download)

14. Sustainable Seas: Marine assessment capacity building in a global perspective - Wouter Rommens (UNEP/GRID-Arendal) (Download)

15. Data standardization and Data access - Peter Pissierssens (IOC/IODE) (Download)